Make Your Home Fit Your Lifestyle

If it's time for a change, consider home remodeling in Bozeman, MT

HCHMT has extensive experience in renovation and remodeling. A large amount of our experience came from remodeling homes on the East Coast due to the lack of new construction in those areas. A renovation is nothing like a new construction project. It's crucial to have a builder who has the knowledge and experience to understand the problems that may surface due to the unknowns that renovations can possess.

It takes a lot of knowledge about construction and architecture to take an existing structure and turn it into something new. We have the vision to make your home look the way you really want it to.


Expand your horizon with a home addition

Expand your horizon with a home addition

As your family grows, so should your home. Home additions give you the opportunity to improve your floor space. You can upsize without actually having to go anywhere.

You can add on:

  • Sunrooms and three-season rooms
  • Additional bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Bonus rooms and family rooms
  • Entertaining spaces


Contact us now to start planning your home additions in Bozeman, MT and in the surrounding Montana metro.